"Don't Do Bumper Stickers?"

I never did either. Not in 30+ years behind the wheel. NEVER. To me, a bumper sticker said "Odd Ball." Two or more? "Crack Pot!" And now I have four. Why brand myself? Because it's time to set false pride and ambivalence aside. We're in a battle for the Soul of this Country, and right now Conservatives are losing. Win or lose, I want people to know - I want my kids to know - which side I was on.

With politics become cult; with media cult-enthralled; with truth trumped by spin; with bailouts run amuck; with science preaching mysticism; with religion dogged by moral relativism; and with political correctness breeding rampant intolerance; the intentions of our Founding Fathers are being MANGLED! It's high noon. The time for wringing hands is long over. Those of us in the "silent majority" must stand up and be counted before the rising tide of socilaism puts us under. Don't just count on the next guy; be someone the next guy can count on!

No, a small thing like a bumper sticker can't change the world, but it can change your attitude, every day reminding you what's at stake, and reminding anyone who sees you there are those in this Country who won't go down quietly. So stand up! Write letters to your Congressman. Send emails to the President! Put a bumper sticker on your car. The silent majority must be silent no more! Do whatever it takes to become part of a shout heard around the world:

Our ancestors fought for our Freedom.
We must do no less to preserve it!

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