The New, True, and "Blue" Consensus

At last we have true "consensus." The Nobel Society, The Hollywood Left, the Supreme Court, and now Congress all agree: Manmade carbon dioxide is polluting the earth, so much so that it must be regulated right now! Al Gore and his high priests of Climate Modeling can sing praise from the hymnal of Biased Assumptions, and lexicographers the world over can rest easy, the word "consensus" now being fully restored to its proper orbit.

These are indeed heady times for the manmade global-warming cognoscenti and their minions. But for the rest of us these are Twilight Zone times - Alice Through the Looking Glass - when carbon dioxide has become a pollutant to be exorcised. After autos and smokestacks, what comes next? Might the EPA regulate the number of breaths we can take, how many pets we can own, farm animals we can raise, or children we can birth? Will assisted suicides go mainstream to help rid the world of non-contributing breathers? Will gay marriage, by "virtue" of sterility, become the union of choice? Maybe we should all just slaughter ourselves. Better yet, let's line up for the Islamic extremists and kill two birds with one stone. If there's a God in the firmament, he must weep for his children gone so far astray.

At times like these we take solace in thinking the silent majority must know better, but if ever there was a time for the silent majority to shout out, now would be it. Madness has gripped our world in a "vice." Our culture, oft lamented as dieing but not beyond hope, can no longer afford any complacency.

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