A Possible Vision for Quonset Point (1999)

We have the opportunity to take a fresh look at how Quonset Point could be developed. This outline reviews a possible set of goals and guidelines for Quonset. Note: This sort of vision must go hand-in-hand with governmental and tax reforms to ensure a competitive environment.

Primary Goals:

  • To attract hi-tech companies - computer and biotech related to RI.
  • To support existing on-site manufacturing.
  • To develop new manufacturing in accordance with zoning guidelines (to follow).
  • To develop port facilities (existing and/or new) that are conducive to meeting the current and foreseen shipping needs of existing businesses.

Zoning Guidelines:

  • Designate 70% of all unused and "designated for re-use" property that has water views for development of hi-tech campus environments. (Water-view property defined as frontage and lots adjacent to frontage.
  • Reserve first 100 feet of frontage for walking paths, picnic areas, and aerobic circuits.
  • Designate the remaining 30% water-view property for hi-end service industry (4-star restaurants, hotels, health clubs).
  • Cordon areas currently used for manufacturing and eliminate further heavy manufacturing development except as it directly supports existing facility expansion and/or adjunct manufacturing.
  • Designate remaining properties for light manufacturing and service industry

Land re-use:

  • Reduce airport infrastructure.
  • Optimize size to support light private, business jet, and small commuter aircraft.
  • Develop world-class repair/service facilities.
  • Eliminate shipping/boat operations from the old aircraft carrier piers.
  • Evaluate golf course for possible reduction to allow development of central park area.
  • Evaluate Allen harbor for hotel and lux-yacht marina complex.

Landscape Guidelines:

  • Landscape and terrace/contour where possible to maximize water view property.
  • Landscape walking paths, fountains, and open spaces throughout site.
  • Scenic pier/park areas along waterfront.
  • All buildings to meet standards for landscaping (landscape standards for each zone to be defined by landscape committee)

Building Guidelines:

  • Stagger buildings to facilitate water views through frontage development
  • 2-story maximum on all frontage development
  • 3-story maximum on 2nd-tier frontage.


  • Bury all cabling and electrical service.
  • Lay out primary new development in radial fashion with space at hub reserved for train depot along side park.
  • Phase in overhead monorail to distribute workers throughout complex and reduce/eliminate auto traffic.
  • Build parking facility at old Davisville depot off route 102, and build 2 rail depots, one for commuter and the other for commercial traffic distribution.

Construction Guidelines:

  • All buildings to meet standards for material and design (material and design standards for each "zone" to be defined by architectural committee).

Development Committees:

  • Zoning, architectural, landscape and etc. committees made up of leading professionals and academics from each area.

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