Tea Party Boots on the Ground

Those who helped organize the Gaspee Tea Party on June 10th - the boots on the ground - visited almost every town in the State, walking up and down main streets and side streets and handing out flyers. We spoke with passers-by and owners of all sorts of small business, from tanning salons to pizza parlors. Many were eager to display flyers in their windows or on counters. Anything to promote another Tea Party. And eager because they are struggling. "We're hanging on by a thread," many told us. "If things don't get better real soon, we're done." Of course, there were other businesses that wanted no part of it. "We don't get involved in politics," some professed. "If we post your flyer, we open the door to everyone else." And the best line of all, "We don't want to offend anyone." God bless Rhode Island. Maybe the thought is just to lay low, but with Cap & Trade in the hands of a filibuster-proof Senate, and with Health Care and Amnesty for Illegals next in line, there's one tide at least that is indeed on the rise, and a breaking wave of small business closures will herald its surge. Lay low? Seems more like to me it's high time to stand up!

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