Final Verdict or First Shots?
(On the Occaision of the First Bailout, at the End of GW's Presidency)

Call it the freefall politics of 2008. "The final verdict on 8 years of failed policies by George W. Bush." According to Democrats, the Republicans are completely at fault. They are just greedy racists, and the Democrats are as pure as the wind-driven snow.

So for the first six years of the "W" era, while Republicans were in power, I guess the Democrats didn't block Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac reform when Bush and McCain suggested the need. Not at all. And in the last two years of holding the reigns of Congress, the Democrats saw this crisis coming and tried to move mountains to stop it - but those mean-spirited Republicans blocked their legislative initiatives. Perhaps that's how it will read in somebody's history book.

Interesting how Obama felt no duty-bound compulsion to return to Washington when the prospect of doom at first reared its head. Then a bailout designed to avert disaster incites a rolling collapse, while the media inflames panic, and a Nobel scientist tells us a global slow down could be good for the planet - reduce CO2. Unprecedented global efforts are mounted to stem this crisis, but even more coordination is needed, paving the way for what, exactly?

With a "bailout" that legitimizes the government's ability to re-write mortgage contracts, what's to stop the seizure of property at the discretion of whoever thinks they're on point? Like in Chicago, where a sheriff orders his men to no longer enforce foreclosures - ostensibly for all the right reasons, except they're making their own law - in Chicago. Just coincidence? Or is this October's surprise just the first openly fired shots in the last great battle to bury Democracy?

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